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The Meadow School for Steiner Education

Rosebud & Garden Kindergarten


As their Kindergarten years pass by, so the children gather the skills they need to prepare them for more formal learning later on

Language, pre-literacy and numeracy skills are naturally developed through songs, poems, stories, movement and games in a relaxed environment where the child's instinctive inclination to learn through imitation is consciously used by the teacher.

From their earliest years the children enjoy listening to a wealth of stories and watching simple puppet shows. Poems and songs at ring-time expand the children's vocabulary and experience of the variety and flexibility of language in a natural, unconscious way.  

Garden Kindergarten

Such teacher-led activities also foster attentiveness and concentration which will be needed for the more formal, academic learning which begins in Class One (from age 6½) when these early learning experiences are reinforced more consciously.’

Activities like painting, weaving and sewing help the children develop fine motor skills: guiding a paintbrush or a needle precisely demands concentration and the control that will one day also be needed for writing

When it comes to tidying up, early numeracy skills of sorting and counting are a natural part of separating the shells from the conkers!

The children are encouraged to respect their environment through caring for their surroundings by participating in domestic tasks such as sweeping and washing, and planting and tending the garden.

Splashing in puddles, scrunching through Autumn leaves, quietly wondering at sparkling dew on a cobweb or the first snowdrops peeping through - the children's awareness of the natural world, and their wonder and reverence for it, is nurtured through their daily walk or outdoor play as they experience the pattern of the seasons and the variety of the weather!


Snack Time
Candle at Snack time   Times of busy activity are balanced by opportunities for stillness and peace: Reverence and gratitude are cultivated at snack time when a candle is lit and a thanksgiving said before healthy food is shared; or the magical moment at the end of a story as the children gradually awaken from the dream-like consciousness they have been held in as they listened.
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