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Lower School - The Class Teacher Years

From their seventh year, the children enter Class One. The child aged six to seven is leaving the dreamy, home-centred world of early childhood (and Kindergarten) to embark upon the next stage of learning.

This experience, with its mixed feelings of excited anticipation yet trepidation at setting out on a new journey, is mirrored through the use of fairy-tales as the basis for some of the teaching in Class One.

In the second seven years of life the emotional capacities are further developing. Stories where the youngest son is finally allowed to leave home to seek his fortune in the wider world and finds success particularly awaken the children's emotional response and engage them in their learning.

Class 1 & 2

The teachers aim to engage the children's ethical and spiritual feelings by bringing the curriculum to life through stories, artistic exploration and practical activities.

Formal, academic learning begins from Class One and reinforces the early learning experiences in a more conscious way. Teaching is also supported by subject specialists.

"Education demands a connection in the teacher's soul with the highest ideas of humanity." Rudolf Steiner

Topics are specifically chosen to complement the developmental experiences of the children at each stage, finding a resonance within the child's actual experience and thus making learning meaningful and memorable.

The children will stay with the same class teacher throughout the class teacher years. This continuity allows a strong bond to develop between teacher and pupil, backed by close communication between teacher and parent.

Every morning, the children take part in a two-hour 'Main Lesson', taught by the Class Teacher.

In each Main Lesson block, one subject is studied thoroughly for a period of three to four weeks, enabling it to be explored from many different angles intellectual, artistic and practical.

It is then allowed to rest, giving time for it to be absorbed until it is recalled and developed further in a later Main Lesson block. This pattern of learning has proved to be effective as it strengthens memory, and deepens understanding.

In the carefully structured Main Lesson, the child's whole being is engaged in learning through a balance of rhythmic movement and games, singing and music, poetry and recitation and artistic activities, as well as academic skills.

Mental arithmetic, writing, spelling, grammar and reading are regularly practised.

Writing is introduced in Class 1 when letters are developed out of pictorial representations of images from a story the children have been told (e.g. a picture of a Mountain is developed into the letter M).

Making Bread


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