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Lower School - The Class Teacher Years


Reading follows as the children read their own writing, moving on to reading printed text later.

Emphasis is also placed on the development of oral skills such as recitation, discussion and the retelling of stories. The children practice writing through narrative descriptions of what they have learnt and their actual experiences.

Grammar is brought into consciousness from Class 3.

In the mathematics curriculum, numbers and arithmetic are taught through imaginative stories and practical activities (e.g. helping the King to share his jewels amongst his people), fractions and decimals are introduced in Class 4 and developed in Class 5, and percentages, geometry and algebra are taught in Class 6.



"Coming into my class is just like coming into my home."
Elise Robinson, Class Three.



History, geography and the sciences are also taught in the Main Lesson, through associated topics such as biblical stories, farming and building (Class 3); the Norse myths, local geography and zoology (Class 4); Greek mythology and botany (Class 5); Roman history, geology, astronomy, and physics (heat, electricity and magnetism) (Class 6).

Main Lesson topics allows plenty of opportunity for cross- curriculum practice in basic skills of reading, writing and arithmetic.

In support of what has been absorbed orally and experientially, the children record their Main Lesson subjects in special Main Lesson books, taking pride in creating beautifully written accounts enhanced by colourful illustrations, diagrams and decoration.

These books become a lasting record of their journey through the curriculum.

Where numbers require it, small classes may be combined to create a stronger learning group and a healthy social environment.

An example of how topics are chosen to suit the children's consciousness, can be taken from the Class Six (aged 11-12) curriculum. The pupils are on the verge of puberty and much research (notably that of Piaget) backs up Steiner's view that a new power of cognitive thought - reasoning from cause to effect - is born at this time.

To complement this new stage, the pupils study Ancient Rome in this class, and, with their newly-found ability to debate the fairness of every rule and their insistence that the same rules apply to everyone, they respond particularly well to vivid descriptions of Roman law and justice and the ensuing power and invincibility of the Roman armies.

The study of phenomenologically-based physics (sound, heat, light, electricity and magnetism), algebra and the introduction of formulae in maths, and the study of the night sky in astronomy are also appropriate at this stage and take full advantage of the pupils increasingly focused and analytical powers of observation and logical deduction

  Class 5 celebrate Diwali
Class 5 celebrate Diwali
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