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The Meadow School for Steiner Education

Rosebud Kindergarten & Garden Kindergarten

Steiner education recognises and aims to support the development of the three faculties of willing/doing, feeling and thinking, which unfold in distinct seven-year phases.

The emphasis in the first phase up to seven years old is on the development of the will, characterised by the young child's continuous need for learning through action and imitation.

Rosebud Kindergarten offers a homely atmosphere to enable children aged from three to four years to be eased into the transition from home to school within a small group.

Garden Kindergarten provides the opportunity for children to thrive on the social stimulus of a larger, more diverse age group and caters for children from three to six years.

Garden kindergarden

Both Kindergartens are concerned with the whole development of the child and provide a broad range of opportunities suited to the children's developmental needs at this age.

The child under seven absorbs everything in his/her environment and has an instinctive inclination to learn through imitation. This is consciously used by the teacher who strives to provide a worthy example in an environment where love, care and respect for others and the world are modelled and encouraged. 

The child’s sense of beauty and love of nature are nurtured by the surroundings and a strong emphasis is placed on rhythm, consistency and repetition.  This and other creative discipline techniques are used to support the development of the children’s ability for self-discipline.

The children's morning is designed to provide a balance between activities which accommodate expansive energy - imaginative play, going for a walk; and activities which encourage focus and concentration such as sewing, baking, painting or listening to a story.


Preparing vegetables


Each session follows the same rhythmical pattern, marked by its own special creative activity which is repeated weekly. Daily songs and stories are linked to seasonal changes and festivals such as Christmas, Easter, Michaelmas and May Day.

The children's learning in the Kindergarten is integrated into their daily routines and experiences; activities gain meaning through their relevance to everyday life -for example, counting out how many bowls to lay at the snack table, or weighing out the ingredients in baking.

Play is the ‘work’ of children, allowing them to make sense of the adult world around them.  Children are given the space and time to enjoy playing freely and creatively every day, both indoors and outdoors, without unnecessary adult intervention.

Our toys are simple and unformed and made from natural materials, giving full scope to the inventiveness of their imagination.

Wooden boxes, clothes horses and cloths can be transformed into cottages, castles, shops, tents, trains and boats.


Soft cloth dolls and simple wooden toys along with natural objects such as pebbles, pine cones, shells or conkers complement these imaginary worlds.

Skills of negotiation, sharing, diplomacy and communication are learnt through the social interaction of shared play.



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