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The Meadow School for Steiner Education

A Steiner Inspired Education

"We should not be asking: What does a person need to know or be able to do in order to fit into the existing social order. Instead we should ask: What lives in each human being and how can this be developed."
Rudolf Steiner
The Meadow School currently caters for children from birth, starting with
Stepping Stones Parent and Child Group
Rosebud Kindergarten
for 3 and 4 year olds
Garden Kindergarten
for ages 4 to 6
and on up through five
Lower School Classes
to the age of 11 years old


The Meadow School is part of a world-wide network of more than 1000 Steiner Waldorf schools. Steiner inspired education is dedicated to the emergence of whole human beings whose development is balanced between head, hand and heart

Steiner inspired teachers are committed to treating each child as an individual to be nurtured and enabled to start on a journey to become the very best of themselves, in a joyful, unhurried and creative learning environment

Some features of a Steiner School are explored in this short film by ITN including:
How Steiner Schools nurture a wide ranging spiritual awareness and understanding in pupils without promoting any particular faith
How doing, sensing and fully experiencing improves learning
How to maintain & nurture children's natural enthusiasm for learning
The place of quietness and contemplation in the life of a Steiner school
"My Waldorf Education taught me to think for myself, take responsibility for my decisions, to be a good listener and to be sensitive to the needs of others."
Kenneth Chanault, Harvard Law School, President of American Express
The curriculum is designed to meet the needs of the individual children as they grow through different developmental stages, and to help them keep a balance between their intellectual, emotional and physical capacities, in a world that often over-emphasizes one-sided intellectual achievement
The Curriculum includes a range of subjects
The Meadow School for Steiner Education
Meadow School, Sunnydene Gardens, 76 High Street, Bruton, Somerset BA10 0AJ
Charity Number 1077488. Registered in England and Wales No: 3709542
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